Preparing For Our New Life On a Homestead

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It is now time for “the big move” and preparing for our new life on our homestead. Contracts have been signed, signatures added to multiple papers and the yes has been given to us  by the powers that be. We have questioned our sanity and have both agreed this IS insane to live in the mountains on 10 acres over 8,000 feet elevation, but it is what we want and what we have dreamed of for years now and the day is finally here! We now own a homestead on 10 acres! It is all ours to do as we wish!

The new homestead we just purchased is really not that far from where we live now in Southern Colorado. But it is up a hill…or rather a mountain..ok, a large mountain, and it is straight..up..the large mountain. We will go from an elevation of 5,300 feet to a little over 8,000 feet. The views are stunningly breathtaking, the surrounding calm and peaceful and our nearest neighbor is forever away from us. My chickens can cackle as loud as they want!

I have been preparing myself for homestead sustainable living for several years now. I have raised chickens for eggs, self-taught myself how to can, dehydrate and preserve my garden bounty. I have explored several methods of composting that works for me. I have raised red wiggler worms for composting and chicken food and I have devoured every book, watched every video, and read every article related to growing and using medicinal herbs. I feel confident and ready to make the big move to the homestead.

I have self-taught myself how to make my own soap and candles and how to use heirloom seeds so I can save all my seeds for years to come. I have learned about hundreds of essential oils and how to properly use them. There have been occasions while I am creating my concoctions and remedies that my husband has feared for his life if he entered the kitchen during my “experimenting” days! Some concoctions just did not turn out like the recipe stated it would!

Bees:What I want to do and have not done as of yet, is beekeeping. I want my own organic honey and my own beeswax that I can get right from my own yard. Organic honey and beeswax are expensive! I cringe when it is time for me to re-order my beeswax for my herbal remedies.

Goats: I want to have miniature goats just because they are so cute! I have never raised them. Have no idea how to raise them or what to even feed them, but I will learn, and on the homestead there just happens to be a perfect size barn for my new miniature goats. Goat milk will make wonderful soaps and creams also! I love goat cheese, but have never made it before and I am looking forward to experimenting!

Pigs: No,  no, not yet..well maybe, hhhmmmm..let me put that on my “to think about” list..ok, probably pigs! The pig holding can go next to the goat barn right?

Work from Home: I hope to soon be able to work full-time on my blog as an income, but until then, I am a part-time registered nurse and need to produce an income. My goal is to create eBooks, sell my chicken eggs, goats milk, candles and soaps for added income and create trusted affiliates on my blog for a small profit. Our goal is to live a sustainable life, meaning we make do with what we have to live off our land.

Going Solar: We would eventually like to be off grid completely, but that will be down the road a ways. We have several solar panels now and will be setting them up soon, but we will remain on the grid until we are sure we are ready. We will use solar as back up in case the power goes and in the mean time, try to educate ourselves on everything solar before we make the big push to go completely off grid.

First on our list: Downsize! Downsize! Downsize! Can you say Yard sale! To begin the new, we will have to release the old. Boy do we have lots of “old” to release, sell, give away or barter for. Garages will be cleaned out, closets of “stuff” will go into boxes and labeled carefully “yard sale”,  “charity” or “Homestead”. I have already began this process, but I am far from done!

Second on our list: Paint, paint and paint some more! Before we fully move to the homestead, everything in the house needs repainted. The front deck needs stabilized, a large propane tank needs put in. New carpet and kitchen flooring is a must. A fence around some of the property to keep our dogs in and the many deer out. And then, we can call it home.

Third on our list: Preparing for the farm animals. I will need a new chicken coop, since the one I have now is waaaayyy to heavy to move! It was the first chicken coop my husband had ever built and, let’s just say he went a weee bit overboard..Bless his heart! And I will be selecting my next breeds of chickens that are cold hardy and good layers. Next making sure the goat barn is stable and set up properly for my soon to be miniature goats that my husband doesn’t know I am going to get yet 🙂 I was thinking of telling him about them when I actually have them in the barn! And finally, ducks! I am getting 2 ducks to roam around with the chickens and use their eggs for selling and baking. I will build a small pond for them and make a special “duck house” for them to nest in and give them a break from the chickens.

I am very excited and nervous about the big move and can’t wait until all the work is done and we can just be home and enjoy our beautiful mountain views on our large deck. One thing is for sure, our dogs will love the 10 acres of property that they can run freely on!