I’m Cheap! How I Live A Frugal Life And Stay Happy



I’m Cheap! How I Live A Frugal Life And Stay Happy

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I will be the first to admit..I am a cheapskate. I live frugally. I constantly search for bargains, and I am very good at making my own everyday organic, all natural, healthy product for less than half the cost of store bought. I am very happy and have everything I need. I love thrift stores and diligently search out yard sales for that “prize” item. I wear my cheapness and frugality like a badge of honor! You can live a cheap frugal life too!

When I go shopping and see something I want or am interested in I always ask myself:

  1. Do I need this?
  2. How can I make this myself for CHEAP?
  3. Do I have a coupon for this?
  4. Can I find this cheaper at another store or online?

We are not big spenders. We rarely go out to eat and prefer to cook homemade meals at home. If we buy something on our credit cards, it gets paid off very quickly. My husband is retired and I work from home now so we save HUGE on our gas bill now compared to when I was traveling long distances for work. Over all we just don’t need a lot of “stuff.”

Being Cheap Or Frugal?

Some people say that there is a big difference between being cheap and being frugal. I don’t think that way. If I am in the store and I see an item I want and need and it is marked down say $4 or $5 off the original price or more. I consider that cheap. I buy it. I praise myself for being frugal! I simply put cheap and frugal in the same category. I understand there can be a fine line between being cheap or being frugal. When I say I am cheap, I mean in a grocery hunting, yard sale finding kind of way. I am still a generous person. Being cheap and frugal simply means you are making wise decisions and being resourceful with your hard earned money. Everyone wants to find a good deal, a special buy, a cheap priced item that is high quality.

I will tell you a secret about how cheap I actually am (or frugal for those of you who do not care for the Cheap term). I am a member of Swagbucks. I have been a member of Swagbucks for many years now. On Swagbucks you earn points for searching the Internet, which I do ALOT of, watching videos, shopping ect. I put all those points I earn usually towards an Amazon gift card. Sometimes it is a $25 gift card sometimes a $50 or more gift card. I buy only the Subscribe and Save items on Amazon (FREE SHIPPING!), place my order, and every month receive a box full of FREE products. Once my order has arrived, I cancel my previous Subscribe and Save items and start over the next month with a new gift card that I earned on Swagbucks. Now that is cheap! Free is cheap and I love being cheap! I love Amazon. I love Swagbucks and I love searching the Internet. It is a win win situation for me all the way around! Something that will be very easy for you to do also. Ibotta is FREE to join. Swagbucks is FREE to join. FREE equals CHEAP and that makes me very happy!

Other great ways to be cheap, is to scour Craigslist’s adds or your local Buy, Sell, and Trade posts on Facebook. In my area alone on Facebook are three local Buy, Sell, and Trade sites that I use. Some items are frequently listed for free! It will be worth your time to look up some of these sites. Your free “prize” may be waiting for you!

Another site I visit frequently is Listia. I have a lot of fun here! This is a site where you can sell your items or buy items with your points at sometimes very steep discounts. I have listed my homemade soaps and lotions on Listia and have earned ALOT of points with them! I use those points and bid on books, essential oils, and toys for my grandchildren. Very worth it for you to take a look at this site to save some big bucks!

There are, of course, some items in the store I will not skimp on. Eggs, for example. If I am not raising my own chickens for eggs and I have to buy eggs at the store, I only buy cage free, organic eggs (can you say pricey!) Not cheap. Not frugal, but something I insist on buying, even at a higher price and then I will be able to skimp in another area. Another product I buy and do not skimp on are the essential oils I use for my homemade products. I buy only organic, therapeutic grade essential oils. Once again, not cheap, but you only need a very small amount for them to work.

Favorite coupon finding sites

Some of the sites I go to  find my coupons are The Krazy Coupon Lady, Coupons.com, and Passion For Savings

There are a multitude of ways I save my family money and will write several separate posts on some of my homemade, natural and CHEAP creations. I make my own soap, including body soap, laundry soap, and dishwashing soap. I make my own face and hand cream also. You can frugally make your own smoothies and specialty coffee drinks also. I scour the Internet, find trusted sites and authors, get the recipe and work with that recipe until it soot’s my needs and preference. I also clip coupons, use coupons and recommend coupons to save money. I love the Ibotta app more than anything to save me money on my shopping trips. There are so many websites on the Internet and so many apps to use to save money and earn cash back, all you have to do is find the one that works best for you.

I hang my laundry outside on nice days, produce my own organic produce in my garden, and can, dehydrate and freeze that produce to last all winter. For my compost I use to raise chickens for chicken manure to add to my compost and I had a worm farm. These things will begin again and I will share on future posts once we are settled on our new property. Making compost is the easiest organic, healthy way to keep a healthy, organic vegetable garden.

In my previous post “Why Add Affiliates To Your Blog For Income” I discuss ways I earn added income through my blog and ways to save money while shopping. Like I said. I am cheap. If I can save money, I WILL find a way to do it. If you follow me on Pinterest, you will see many ways I am able to stay cheap and frugal. There are so many wonderful ideas out there by so many wonderful authors with just a click of the mouse, you to can live a cheap and frugal life and remain happy!

This is not a post about living a debt free life or how to become debt free. It is a post stating that there are many ways you can cut your spending by being creative, making your own products and doing simple things liked building your own organic garden for fresh wholesome produce. If you have priced the organic and natural products online, such as face cream and body lotion, then you know how super expensive they can be. Now, you can make your own at less than half the cost!  If you take 10 to 15 minutes each morning or evening searching the Internet, you too can live a cheap, frugal life and be very happy while doing it. I am quite sure you will see several more blog posts on my site about cheap and frugal living, since it is a topic I love and what I live by.