our fumbling homestead Welcome to Our Fumbling Homestead! Thank you for visiting my blog! Follow me as we journey through new beginnings on a 10 acres homestead in the southern Colorado mountains. Together we will build chicken coops, raise farm animals, attempt to keep bees for honey and candles, learn how to make rich compost for our organic garden, add a large greenhouse and overall live a sustainable life.  The land is a blank canvas at this time and you can watch as we create a beautiful masterpiece! So visit often to see my favorite herbal creations and medicinal medicines and sign up  to receive the blog posts in your email so you don’t miss a thing!

Watch as I fumble through building my website blog and the many changes to it that you will see as I learn more about WordPress. It is a challenge I have never faced before and honestly quite overwhelming at times! Until we are set up in our new home I will concentrate on helpful articles such as making a small (or large) income while blogging and informational how to’s for a homestead life. So click away on the blogs, check out my DIY herbal remedies links and read to your hearts content and definitely feel free to comment or email me advice or any questions you may have!

Our Fumbling Homestead
Our Fumbling Homestead


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Build Your Blog And Then Monetize It In These Simple Steps

build blogI am going to show you simple steps to  help you build your blog  by giving you some ideas so you can start making money. The first goal I want from my blog is to show my followers how to make wonderful organic and natural creations in their own home that are easy, healthy and inexpensive. My second goal I want from my blog, is to be able to work from home and produce a comfortable income. Don’t we all! Even if you are creating a blog just to be creative, share your thoughts and tell of your talents, why not monetize it also with a few simple clicks? Read More

Food Storage Solutions: Prepare for tomorrow!


Are you the type of person who keeps just the bare minimum essentials in your pantry? Do you prepare for tomorrow if there is a crippling blizzard? A tornado? A flood? Are you the type that has one can of soup on the shelf to share with 4 people in your family because you didn’t prepare for tomorrow? Read More

How To Start Your Own Medicinal Herb Garden The Easy Way! And Why You Should


Have you ever wanted to start your own medicinal herb garden, but you just weren’t quite sure how to start or wondered what medicinal herbs and flowers you needed for your family? Do you have a small yard or small garden area and wondered where you would even put a medicinal garden.  Well, I have good news! It’s easy to begin and the best part is that you don’t need a huge garden area to for your medicinal plants Read More

Best Herbal Teas To Make At Home

herbal tea

Would you like the best herbal teas to make at home? Nothing tastes better than a nice cup of organic herbal tea that you made right at home yourself. The fragrant, organic herbs and flowers grown right in your own garden and gently dried by your own hands. That  “Aaaaa” moment you get after a sip of your brew. Healthy, organic. Life is good! Read more

Organic Gardening Colorado Style! Cold Weather Crops


Organic gardening in Colorado can be quite challenging sometimes. Searching for cold weather crops to add to my garden is somewhat of a hobby for me. I start my search in January or February and usually continue up until spring time. I scour every organic NON GMO seed catalog I can get my hands on, make my selection carefully and hope that the harsh Colorado winters and spring will let my precious seed give life to what will become a wonderfully cooked meal for my family. I am a firm believer in having a greenhouse and using row covers. The two are almost a must have in some parts of Colorado. Read more

I’m Cheap! How I Live A Frugal Life And Stay Happy

I will be the first to admit..I am a cheapskate. I live frugally. I constantly search for bargains, and I am very good at making my own everyday organic, all natural, healthy product for less than half the cost of store bought and I am very happy and have everything I need. I love thrift stores and diligently search out yard sales for that “prize” item. I wear my cheapness and frugality like a badge of honor! Read More