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Build Your Blog And Then Monetize It In These Simple Steps


Build Your Blog And Then Monetize It For Income

Disclosure: I am compensated for purchases/sign-ups made via the referral and affiliate links in this post. See Disclosures


I am going to show you simple steps to  help you build your blog  by giving you some ideas so you can start making money. The first goal I want from my blog is to show my followers how to make wonderful organic and natural creations in their own home that are easy, healthy and inexpensive. My second goal I want from my blog, is to be able to work from home and produce a comfortable income. Don’t we all! Even if you are creating a blog just to be creative, share your thoughts and tell of your talents, why not monetize it also with a few simple clicks?

I recently had a comment on one of my blog posts that asked if I could make my blogs longer in length. On some of the blogs I may extend them depending on the information I am giving, but I am going to assume that my blog followers and visitors to my site are just like me. They lead a very busy life and want information that is easy for them to do at home in their free time and they want something to be inexpensive. If you read my blog I’m Cheap! How I Live A Frugal Life And Stay Happy you will know I am very busy and I am also cheap. When I read an article online, I don’t want it to drag on and on, or I will just stop reading it eventually. I want it to get straight to the point  “this is how I make it, this is where I get it” and it better be easy and inexpensive or it probably won’t get done in my home. We are also in a full remodeling of our home we recently purchased and you can read about the total chaos here Remodeling Begins On The Homestead! Part 1. So time is very precious to me since I also work part-time outside of the home.

Build your blog today, create your personal goals and set rules and boundaries for yourself. You will find your niche and what you are comfortable writing about quickly. As soon as your fingers touch the keyboard, you will share your knowledge of what you know, what you want your blog followers to learn from you, and you will make it come alive on the pages!

What you need first:
  1. A host site
  2. A domain Name
  3. Finding your niche. Who will be your followers?
  4. Social Media Strategies: How to bring visitors to your new blog
  5.  How to monetize your blog


A host site:

I highly recommend Bluehost. It just doesn’t get any easier that making your host site with Bluehost. I chose Bluehost because they were easy to start and inexpensive. They have the best of everything and they make sure you are satisfied with their product. Plus they pay you for any referrals you send their way and that is why we will build your blog today and start making money! I call that a win win situation! Also, if you sign up with Bluehost, you get a free WordPress site! WordPress is the building block of your blog and free is always good in my book! And you will get a free domain

You will be spending a majority of your time in WordPress and discovering all the creative settings you can use. It took me several days to finally be able to figure out where I wanted to be in WordPress. It can be intimidating at first when you just start WordPress, but I played around and explored all the options offered to me and finally found my comfort zone. I quickly learned how to use the UNDO button! Building your website can be intimidating at first and also very scary and frustrating and filled with words you have never heard of (Plugins and Widgets. Really!?  You can read my post Blog Building Blues to get a basic idea of some of my frustrations.

I YouTubed, googled, and scoured the Internet for help with understanding WordPress and how to best set up my website. I found several websites that I kept going back to for guidance and clarification; WordPress.org and wpbeginner.com and here. I found myself continuously going to the Glossary sections so I could better understand the terms of WordPress.  Both were extremely helpful to me and of course, You Tube just rocks when looking for information and how to’s.!

There will be many days where you are not happy with your site, appearance or article and you will change everything and edit and re-edit again. I am constantly changing and updating on my blog and finding ways to build it better. It takes time. Be patient. This isn’t going to happen overnight. Have fun while exploring your new site and new appearance of the blog.

Create Your Domain Name:

Once you sign up for Bluehost, they will ask you for a domain name, which will be the name of your website that you will eventually direct visitors to go.  A great place to check if you have an available domain name is bustaname.com. It’s free, simple and fun to play around with. Just type in words that you would like your domain name to be, and bust a name will show you several different ways you can set up your domain name. You can also check for a domain name  on Bluehost  domain checker below.



Finding your niche. Who will be your followers?

What is your passion? Do you have ideas in your head that you are bursting at the seams to tell others about? Why not write it down and start sharing with others? Have you created something that you know others will want to purchase and use themselves? Tell us about your creation in words on your very own blog!

Some writers prefer conversational writing where they are more personable and get to know their readers well, while others prefer academic writing where their blog is used mainly as a step by step teaching tool. I use more of a conversation writing style, simply because I love to talk, chat and meet people. I want to know what my readers want and I want to interact with them.

Why is finding your niche so important?

It boils down to keeping your followers, earning their trust, and sharing ideas and creations with like minded readers. It also boils down to money. If you add trusted affiliates on products you have tried and tested and tell your followers about how well the product worked for you, more than likely your followers will want to try that product also and will click on your affiliate link.

If you have an idea, a product or a story you are passionate about, it will come alive on the pages of your blog. Your readers will know you are passionate and experienced in this topic and will want to come back and read more of your posts. Showing flexibility in your writing styles and discussing topics readers are interested in will help bring in added income to your blog and draw you a larger audience.

My main niche is homemade, organic and natural living on a homestead, but I also add extra posts such as monetizing blogs and using affiliates links to tell my readers how to avoid the mistakes I have made, and here is the way you can do it that is much easier. These posts will also draw a larger crowd to my site, including my regular followers.


Social Media Strategies: How to bring visitors to your new blog

Social media is the BEST tool to bring visitors to your blog post! You need to advertise your skills and tell people that you have a blog website that is up and running and ready for a multitude of readers to gain the knowledge you are sharing right?

Add your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to your blog and any other social media outlets you may use. Then add your blog posts and website to all those media outlets you use and tell people “Hey! Come check out my new blog! I have some awesome ideas to tell you about!” Below you can see some of my social media that I use:





These are just a few samples of where you can start with social media. There are a multitude of social media outlets that you can try out to see where the majority of your niche are hanging out. Try Instagram and the new MeWe that looks like it will be a fun and popular site. I haven’t posted anything at MeWe yet and I am still getting the feel of the website, but I see some of my favorite bloggers are already on the site and posting.

Giving your readers a free item such as free printables or giveaways is just a nice added touch to tell them thank you for visiting your site and please come again and see what else is new. You don’t have to be artistic and start trying to create your own printables, you can share other bloggers printables with your readers and it’s a nice way to send some followers to your fellow bloggers.


How to monetize your blog : Lets Talk $$$cash

So now you have your website set up just how you want it. You have written down brilliant ideas to share with your followers and have posted several articles to keep your readers coming back. You have announced to social media that you are open for business, now what? How about making some extra money for doing what you absolutely love to do?

I recently wrote a post Why Add Affiliates To Your Blog For Income? because I wanted my readers to know how easy it was with just a few simple clicks you are able to share the brands you trust and love and that you can also generate an income when your followers purchase one of those brands.

The amount of time and resources you commit to your blog and how to monetize it will determine your success. Some very famous bloggers state that it took them 6 months to a year of blogging and building their website before they made a dime. So keep plugging away and perfecting your site and articles and add your income makers into your sidebar and footers.

If you choose Bluehost as your host site, you should join their affiliate program from the start.  Bluehost pays you $65 for each referral that you send them that signs up. A win win situation for you with a simple click of the mouse!

Google Adsense is simple to set up and 100% FREE! I only place 2 banner from Google AdSense on my site; one in the sidebar and one in the footer. I feel that is more than adequate. When visitors click on your banner, you get paid a small amount. More visitors, more clicks, more $$$!

I use ShareASale for most of my affiliates. Visit my Trusted Sponsors and my favorite products under Amazon Favorites to see how I categorize my affiliates and sponsors. Just mouse over Trusted Sponsors and you will see subpages that I added for my affiliates. One of the first affiliates you should join is Amazon affiliates. Sign up is simple and easy if you are already signed up with Amazon.

Other affiliate programs include Link Share and Commission Junction. I love ShareASale and how easy it is to use, so I will stay with them.

Advertising and selling your own product has never been easier since you now have your own website and are now on multiple media outlets which is free advertising for you! I am currently working on an EBook and plan to sell and advertise it via my blog when it’s completed.

If you sell products on Etsy, why not add a link and banner on your blog site to show your followers where to go? Sell on Ebay? Same thing applies. Link your items on your blog and tell your visitors about the wonderful things you have to offer. The same goes for Amazon and so on. The skies the limit and now you have the power of sharing, showing and telling your visitors what you have been bursting at the seams to say! So be patient, explore, have fun and create to your hearts content!

I always add my referral code for Grove.com formerly called Epantry. It is a site I use frequently and trust and has paid off very well for me.  Each person I refer to Grove.com I get $10 in free products. That quickly adds up! Plus, I love their all natural, amazing products. if I can’t make it myself, I Grove it!