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How To Make Money and Save Money When You Live In A Rural Area

How To Make Money and Save Money When You Live In A Rural Area


Disclosure: I am compensated for purchases/sign-ups made via the referral and affiliate links in this post.

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Do you live off grid or in an extremely rural area where you just can’t hop in the car and run down the street to the grocery store? Me too. I live 40 minutes away from any store period let alone a grocery store. If I hop in my car to run to the store, I have to drive straight down a very steep, very winding mountain road that is not paved. So before I just hop in that car to go grocery shopping, I have to plan very carefully. I have to watch the weather pattern. I have to watch the gas tank. I have to watch the sales..I get tired just watching before I even head out the door! Yet I have to make money and, as always, I want to save money.

I have learned a few tricks and will share some tips on how I save money and make money living in my rural mountaintop paradise. It has been trial and error for me since we moved out of the city and into the country, but my goal has been to NOT leave my mountain home if I don’t have to! I despise traffic, congestion, smog, pollution and everyday loud irritating noises that come with city living. I want peace, quite and tranquility at this point in my life, so I have searched high and low to make very attempt possible to stay right here on my mountain paradise!

Over the years we have learned to live on less and learn the DIY (do it yourself) lifestyle. We eat our meals by what we produced in the garden that year and by what we canned, froze or dehydrated. Staple items are purchased only when they are on sale. The simpler life is the happier we are. Instead of being glued to the tv, we sit on our deck and watch the deer play in the fields and forest. We budget around our income. Bills no longer control our lives. We control our bills.

Let’s Make Money!

My husband and I began planning our move 10 years prior to moving to our new homestead in the Colorado mountains. Yes, that is correct. TEN years of planning and preparing our finances for the big move!

My husband finally retired from his job and now I am comfortably able to work part-time from home. I am a Registered Nurse and searching for just the right job online for my profession was easier than I thought it would be. I was hired within 3 days of beginning my new online career search and feel beyond blessed that I am now able to stay home all the time and still produce a nice income.

I have also found websites that have given me even more added income that I do in my spare time. The most fun way I make extra income is writing this blog. If you live in a rural area and have not started a blog yet, you can go to Bluehost.com and get steeply discounted prices on a host site and you also get a free WordPress site! Not only that, but if you sign up with Bluehost affiliate program, they will give you $65 per referral! And that, my friends, can add up to a very nice supplemental income each month!

After you have built your new blog site, you can then add your affiliate links from trusted companies you use frequently. Here are my blogs that go into affiliates and web sites in a bit more detail.

Build Your Blog And Then Monetize It In These Simple Steps

Why Add Affiliates To Your Blog For Income?

I use Shareasale for almost all of my affiliate programs and choose only the companies I trust with the products I use and can give my readers an honest opinion on.

There are numerous ways to make money online while living in a rural area. Some of my favorite sites to go to are:

The Work At Home Wife


Building A Framework

The Busy Budgeter

The Penny Hoarder

I also go to Mintvine everday and take surveys. This is the easiest survey site I have found that is 100% legit! The surveys are easy and the points build quickly. You can opt for a cash payout via paypal or get gift cards from multiple stores such as Amazon.

Vindale Research pays you cash to take surveys and it goes directly into your paypal account. Just for signing up and filling out your profile and tutorial viewing (less than 5 minutes) Vindale will put $2 in your account.

Ways to Both Make and Save Money Online

I have also figured out how I can both make money and  save money at the same time online. Below are several sites I use almost on a daily basis and this keeps the extra income flowing in and also saves me lots of money.

Ibotta: I love this app! After I finish shopping, either online or at the grocery store, I add the receipt to Ibotta and all the savings I get goes into my PayPal account. I cannot tell you how crazy I am about this app. I have already had hundreds of dollars added to PayPal from my savings with this site, plus they have an excellent affiliate program also. For each person you refer to Ibotta, they will give you $5 and your friend will get $10!

Must Use Swagbucks Folks!

Swagbucks is 100% legitimate and 100% free to join. Swagbucks has never failed me in the several years I have been using the site and they offer multiple ways to earn points. They also have an A+ rating with the BBB! I always shop on Swagbucks and do my Internet searches on Swagbucks.

Next, I will go into detail on how I both make money and save money by using Swagbucks and Amazon together. I use Swagbucks every single day for my search engine. For watching videos. for getting my news and information. Everything. Everyday! The reason why? FREE products! LOTS of FREE products! Every single month FREE products!

With the points I get from Swagbucks with my searches, I earn Amazon gift cards. I cannot even count how many free Amazon gift cards I have gotten over the years by using Swagbucks. With those FREE Amazon gift cards, I use Amazon’s subscribe and save offers on the products I want which equals FREE shipping along with FREE products that I got with my FREE Amazon gift card. Simple right?! PLUS When you refer friends to Swagbucks, you get 10% of whatever they earn for life! For example: When they earn 500 SB, you get 50 SB! Win Win!

Mypoints  is also a nice money maker for me. I do surveys, buy products, watch videos and get all my money deposited right into my paypal account each month.  The same with Inboxdollars. Everything right into my paypal account or a check sent to me.

I also use Listia on a daily basis. Listia is all about giving and getting. For a limited time, get 10,000 credits for every friend who joins and successfully completes their first listing.
Your friends also get 1,000 bonus credits as a special gift when they join! This is a site where I will list some of my homemade products, get points, and turn around and get my soy or beeswax for candles. No money is exchanged. it is all based on a point (credit) system.

How To Save On Everyday Items


One way I save big bucks on everyday essentials is that I make my own products when I am able. A simple box of baking soda has multiple uses for cleaning and laundry needs and will cost up to 4 times less than chemical laden store brands.

Making your own cleaning products is easier than you think and much more cost effective. If you live on property with a septic tank (I do) you will also figure out very quickly that using store bought products are not good for your septic system and that can add up to a very costly repair.

Doing a quick Internet search can give you easy to follow instructions on how to make your own products. Even searching throughout my website you will find valuable information on creating your own cost effective, safe cleaning products such as 15 All Natural Green Kitchen and Bath Cleaning Solutions


I save the most money by making my own beauty products. This has been the greatest discovery I have found and all my products are safe, chemical free and all natural. I will never go back to store bought! Read here: Essential Oils and Herbs: The Best Homemade Recipes! You will find numerous recipes to easily create your own products that are cost effective.

I also save money by growing my own medicinal herb garden and all my vegetables, some fruits, and cooking herbs. I dehydrate, can and freeze my garden bounty to last all year long. The money we save on food and medicine is huge and I don’t have to jump in the car and rush to the store because I am missing a jar of tomato sauce or need a soothing balm for a mosquito bite. Read here: How To Start Your Own Medicinal Herb Garden The Easy Way! And Why You Should and here: Organic Gardening Colorado Style! Cold Weather Crops and here: Best Herbal Teas To Make At Home

I have also found a new favorite site called Jet.com to safe even more money. So far it is everything they say it was going to be and they ship the items in 2 days free! They do not have an affiliate or referral program that I can see at this time, but I am keeping my eyes open for that added money maker when they add the affiliate. You also get 15% off your first 3 orders with the code TRIPLE15. Each item you add to your cart the more discounts they give you. I am at this time very impressed with this site and have racked up huge savings on my groceries. They ship right to my door in 2 days and have everything..and I mean everything that I need!

I have learned many ways to save and earn so I don’t have to drive down that windy mountain road, and I am still learning. The more I learn the more I will share with you!

Now that you have learned some ways to make money and save money while living in a rural setting, I leave you to explore and enjoy to your hearts content and will see you next time! Enjoy your beautiful rural property while saving money and bringing in some extra cash.