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Peaceful Country Living: Why You Should Make the Move

Peaceful Country Living: Why You Should Make the Move

Peaceful Country Living


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Peaceful country living? Why are more and more people making the big move from fast paced city life to quiet, slow-paced peaceful country living? I think I know the answer to that, since that is exactly what we did! We didn’t move to the suburbs outside of a city or even to an urban area. We moved to a rural area and haven’t looked back since. We found our peaceful country living.

I used to be just like you.

I drove 120 miles round trip in bumper to bumper traffic to and from work before and after a 12 to 14 hour shift as a Registered Nurse. We had neighbors so close to us that we could literally hear them flush their toilet and see inside their front room when their curtains were open. We could hear every conversation they had and, of course, vice versa. We learned to talk quietly and keep the curtains closed when we were home.

We missed football games and dance recitals because we had to work. We missed parent-teacher conferences because we had to work. We had bills to pay, food to buy, brand name clothes to purchase.  We had to keep up with the lifestyle of a middle class city family, right?

I would find myself grinding my teeth at night, having nightmares, getting headaches, more depressed, especially when I had to miss something for the kids, and overall just miserable living where we were. Can you relate? If so, continue reading.

Why did we work so hard for so many years? Because we had a plan..a dream. We were getting outta town! When my husband retired from his job, and the children moved out on their own, we knew it was time. Student loans were paid off in full. Car payments paid off. Credit cards cut up and thrown away. I just couldn’t make one more round trip drive to work. I just couldn’t deal with one more near miss on the freeway of crazy fast paced drivers around me. It was time. Now or never. We took the plunge.

The home and property we chose was at 8, 200 feet high in the Colorado mountains on a steep grade, winding dirt road. I would not be able to drive that road in winter to go to work everyday when there was 3 feet of snow on the ground. I had to find a work at home job that gave me extra income.

I am blessed to be a nurse and even more blessed that I found a part-time telecommute job as a nurse educator that I can do from home on the comfort of my computer. I only have to drive into the city once or twice a month for meetings and it is a 4 hour round trip for me now that we live in the mountains.  I can handle once or twice a month.

I also make extra income with multiple streams of online work at home sites and survey sites. You can read my blog post How To Make Money and Save Money When You Live In A Rural Area to learn even more ways to add income while working from home.  You won’t get rich, but you sure will have fun and have a few extra bucks each week to add to your bank.

Some of my favorites are:



Inbox Dollars


Pros and Cons of country living

Pro: I have chickens!my chickens

The Pros

There is nothing that says country living than having lots of chickens! In the country we can raise as many animals as we want and not have to worry about our neighbors complaining about the noise and smells of the animals. We get fresh organic eggs and protein also.

We purchased 18 acres and a fixer upper home and spent half of what we would have paid to live in the suburbs or urban areas. Our closest neighbor is almost a mile away with very few other neighbors scattered over the mountain area we are at. We love it that way. Little by little we fixed up the home and property through literal blood, sweat and tears until we were able to make our final move.

I have never felt such peace in my heart than sitting on my deck overlooking the mountains sipping my cup of coffee in the morning and watching the chickens scratch and peck and watching the deer graze in the field. I hear total silence. No flushing toilets. No cars speeding by. No sirens from ambulances or police cars. No neighbors radios or TV’s blaring. Total silence.

By total silence I mean birds chirping, a gentle breeze blowing, a tractor plowing a field down the dirt road, deer running across the field, dogs playing. That is what I mean by silence. Peaceful, calm, serene silence. The kind of silence where you never want to leave. The kind of silence when you are thanking the good Lord everyday for giving you such a beautiful, and what you once thought of as an unreachable blessing. Yes, after moving from the city to the country, you can hear total silence.

Deer in fieldColorado mountains peaceful country living

We have large family bar-b-queues on the front deck. The children and grandchildren bring 4-wheelers and bicycles and have a blast riding and hiking around the mountains. It is the ultimate playground for our grandchildren. You learn the value of family, friends and nature and forget the value of objects and things.

The Cons

It is not easy to get to peaceful country living. It took me and my husband several years of frugal living and carefully planning to make our dream come true. We made sacrifices to get to our paradise on the mountain.

It is hard work living in the mountains on 18 acres. There is always work to be done. Wood needs to be chopped, animals fed and taken care, car tires and car maintenance in tip top shape. The nearest hospital is about an hour away. Common sense and being careful in day to day activities takes first place.

It snows..A LOT in the Colorado mountains . Not just inches, but feet. It is very common for us to get 2 -3 feet of snow during the winter months. On those days we light a fire in the wood stove and settle in for the days ahead.

10 inches and counting!


Forest fires are common. Last summer we had an extremely dangerous forest fire near our newly purchased home. The winds were 80 miles an hour, no rain for weeks and the wildfire took off like a bullet. Below are actual picture I took off my front deck. When I saw this fire and how close it was to us, I came this close to packing my bags and heading back to the city.


Making The Decision

Now is time for you to make your decision. My husband and I went to the extreme side of rural living, but not everyone has to do that. Even moving to the suburbs outside of a city can make all the difference in the world to your peace of mind and put calmness in your life.

First step is to just planning. Just grab a piece of paper and pen and write down the area you are looking at. Nothing specific, just the general area you would like to be.

Second step. What can you afford and how can you afford it. What are your income sources? Do you work from home? Do you have retirement income? Write down all your income sources and all potential income sources such as raising chickens and selling the eggs, raising goats and making soap and cheese for added profits. Do you want a move in ready property or can you handle a fixer upper? Can you save and put aside a certain amount each paycheck to put towards your new home?

Third step. Thoroughly investigate the area you want to move to. Do you have water? Can you have animals? Are there any schools nearby if you have children? Where is the closest shopping market? How far is the nearest hospital? Make several trips to the area you are most interested and get to know your potential neighbors before you put good money down on a property.

Fourth step. Follow steps 1, 2 & 3 over and over again until you are ready for the big move! As I have stated, it is not easy. It takes time and a lot of planning, but to me and my husband it has been worth every drop of sweat we have put in over the years. It is challenging and not easy. If someone tells you that moving to be in the country is easy they are not being truthful. It takes time, money and determination to make your new property into your new home.

So, take your time, put your ideas and plans down on paper,  save your money, investigate several potential areas and then make the move! It’s all about peaceful country living.



Remodeling Begins On The Homestead!

Remodeling Begins On The Homestead!

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I have added some before photos of our chaos in the works! Let the work begin! Remodeling Begins On The Homestead! Chicken coops, carpet and paint..Oh My! Keep in mind that this is a 1996 mobile home on 10 acres that we bought for a “steal”, so we came in knowing we would have to do a lot of remodeling.

Also keep in mind this homestead is in the Colorado mountains at over 8,000 feet elevation and we just had a spring snow storm that completely halted our remodel for a few (ok, several) days. We had 27 inches of snow fall on us! Not 2-7 inches but TWENTYSEVEN! After digging out of the snow, we will resume the remodeling.

10 inches and counting!
10 inches and counting!
finally stopped snowing
guest bath
Guest bathroom before
fireplace room before
tv room
Main living room before
fireplace room warm carmel
Fireplace room wall warm Carmel the rest of the room in Dapper Tan


And Here We Go!

As you can see we have a lot of work ahead of us on the new homestead. I will show you all the before photos in this part 1 series and then add extra series as the projects are being completed. I will also give reviews on Rust-Oleum countertop paint (hint: LOVE IT!) I ordered the Rust-Oleum countertop transformation kit for my kitchen countertops and will also be giving a review on that once we have applied it.

The Rust-Oleum paint and Rust-Oleum transformation kit are two completely separate items. I have used the Rust-Oleum paint, which you simply brush on the countertop (I did the master bathroom) and let dry. The Rust-Oleum transformation kit is more in depth with more steps (and work) involved. I ordered the transformation kit for my kitchen countertops in charcoal. I used grey mist in the master bathroom for the brush on paint and a dark brown for the guest bathroom. (which will be a themed bathroom) You can choose 12 different colors for the counter top paint.

guest bath
Guest bath countertop before
Rust-oleum paint
Guest Bath countertop After Rust-Oleum

Below are the Rust-Oleum kits I purchased off Amazon:

Front Deck Before

We purchased this 10 acre property at least $40,000 below cost of the other properties in our area with the same or less acres than our homestead, so we knew full well that we would be going in with a full remodel in our minds, even a remodel of my beloved front deck.

front deck before

This beat up and abused front deck was the selling point for me on this homestead. The first time I stood on this wounded old deck and looked out at the beautiful mountains surrounding us, I felt a peace in my heart that simply cannot be explained in words and I knew immediately I HAD to live here and I HAD to remodel this beloved old deck into a my sanctuary. I simply had to bring this deck back to life, which means a complete over- haul with rich, beautiful stain and lots of reinforcements.

Whoever added this deck before we purchased the property, did an extremely poor job and now we will have to go in and reinforce everything.

All the carpet will be coming out and new floors will be put in. Everything will be painted and all new light fixtures will be added. We installed new bathroom sinks and I am going to try the Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile paint on the bathroom tubs.



We have been very busy trying to put our new home in order and updated. We will complete the inside first and then start work on the outside. We will begin by building a nice, new and large chicken and duck area, add fence around the property to keep the deer out, build my garden area (I’m doing only raised beds here) and we will build a functional outdoor cooking area.

Rust-Oleum Countertop Paint

I completed the master bathroom countertop with Rust-Oleum countertop paint in Grey Mist. So beautiful and extremely easy to do! When I complete the guest bathroom countertops (espresso) I will add the photos of both countertops.

If you ever decide to use the Rust-Oleum countertop paint (not the transformation kit, just the can of paint) make sure you understand that it dries quickly! so you will have to work fairly fast.

Make sure you sand down your countertop and then wipe it down thoroughly.  I made the mistake of not double checking the countertops before I began painting for any added dust from sanding and now I have tiny little bumps over some of the dust where I had painted. They are extremely hard to see, but I know they are there. So, I cannot stress enough, after you sand the countertop, wipe wipe and wipe again! Then run your hands over the countertop to feel if there are still any dust pieces, wipe again and then begin your painting.

Second mistake: Take the sink out! I left the new sink in, because my husband had installed it before I could tell him I was going to paint the countertops and I didn’t have the heart to make him disassemble everything and remove the sink and then reassemble it and put it back in. Lesson learned: Take The Sink Out! It was very difficult taping off the sink and getting the paint into the tiny corners around the sink. I had to use a tiny paint brush to go around the sink.

I did the countertop by myself and had no problems, but I will incorporate my husbands help when we do the kitchen countertops with the Rust-Oleum Transformation kit. If the paint dries as fast as the bathroom one did, I am going to need some extra hands!

I watched this YouTube video several times and will watch it again before I start on my kitchen countertops with the Rust-Oleum Transformation kit.

Color Schemes and Bathroom Themes

bear switch plates
Bear switch plates in guest bathroom

For the main living area I chose Glidden paint in Dapper Tan with an accent wall of warm caramel. For the fireplace room I am as yet undecided on the colors.

For the guest bathroom, it took me several weeks to decided on a wildlife theme or just a bear theme. We live in the mountains. We have bears. We have deer and elk. We have coyotes, fox and all sorts of other critters that I will soon become acquainted with as they try to invade my garden beds. So I decided I should at least dedicate a bathroom to them! I found a bear vanity light online at Black Forest Decor and cute bear light switch plates on eBay and that sealed the deal. Bear theme it will be!

You can see the black bear vanity light that I ordered Here and the same bear light plate switch cover Here.

I will also paint the guest bathroom in light tan with white molding to offset the dark bears.

The master bath I have claimed as MINE! It will be a soft mint green and white and have a spa like feel to it. As stated above the countertops have already been painted a soft grey mist and now the big challenge is choosing what flooring to add in there.

Rust-Oleum countertop paint
Grey Mist Rust-Oleum countertop paint main bathroom


The Chicken Coop!

I have ordered my new chicken coop and it should arrive in the next 2 weeks. The colors I have chosen, which are not in the pictures below yet since I still have to paint it, are shaded fern for the building and country white for all the trim.

chicken coop
chicken coop
Hubby checking out the coop for delivery
chicken coop
nesting boxes
nesting box

nesting boxes
coop door
coop door


The coop is made with 6 nesting boxes and is 6’x8′ and very sturdy and solid. We have already laid the 6’x8′ cement slab to place the coop on when it finally arrive at the homestead and will begin building the “Fort Knox” of security fencing around the coop, including laying wire on the ground and covering it up so “critters” don’t dig under and then we will bury hardwire all around the parameters of the coop 12″ deep. Once the chicken coop is in place on the homestead, then I will begin painting and sealing it and show the after pictures. We purchased and had the coop designed by a local company in our town and they have worked with us every step of the way to make sure the coop is to our specification.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for my updated photos coming soon as we complete the projects. We are at this time of posting painting every single room in the home. What is on the walls now is a very slick coating, so we first have to put on a flat white paint and then we will be able to paint over the flat paint easily. We decided it would be wise to invest in a small paint sprayer since we have to paint all the walls and ceilings. It has been well worth the investment!

At the time of this posting, we have had all the cement laid around the front porch and around the back deck. The front deck has been completely taken down and is ready for it’s beautiful transformation. The cement pad near the back deck is ready for me to build my outdoor cooking area on it, once all the chaos is completed on the inside of the home.

We will then order the new carpet and kitchen flooring. My husband has decided he will tear out the old carpet himself to save money, so we can add the Pergo flooring to the kitchen. We have 3 large dogs, so we have to choose wisely (and pay more) to make sure our kitchen floor can stand up to the abuse our beloved pets will likely put it through. Please stay tuned and sign up for my blogs so you don’t miss the updates!

Getting ready to pour the cement