New Beginnings and Journeys


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Welcome to my very first blog! I am so thrilled to finally be able to begin this journey. My name is Cristina Sudo and I would love if you could come on this new journey with me. I am a registered nurse and love everything that is natural, organic and homemade. I especially love looking for new DIY projects to do! My husband and I just purchased a 10 acres property in the Southern Colorado mountains and boy do I have plans for it! It needs some needs ALOT of work and I am hoping you will join me on this journey of building our new homestead as we fumble through our upcoming challenges and enjoyment.

On our journey together, we will organic garden, raise chickens and, hopefully soon, goats. Beekeeping is BIG on my list of to do projects! Make medicinal herbal tinctures and lotions. Create DIY home and yard décor. I love canning my home grown organic produce and would love for my readers to share their favorite canning recipes with me.

My Facebook page is Homemade The Natural and Organic Way, and on the site you will find many things that I love such as organic gardening, growing medicinal herbs, making herbal remedies such as salves and tinctures. You can also follow me on Pinterest, where I share my love of starting a blog, raising chickens and even making some income from a blog.

About me: I am an impatient person, hence the name of my blog Our Fumbling Homestead. I tend to fumble through things at first because of my inpatients, and then usually have to go back and redo most of everything. Building this website for instance. I am fumbling through it and you will see as we journey together the many changes as I go back and rebuild over and over again. As I fumble through, I will be adding many photos of my upcoming projects such as a chicken coop, garden and greenhouse, canning our home grown produce home repairs and upgrades. Of course, some photos will be of my 3 dogs who basically rule this household.

I would also like to incorporate work from home opportunities into my blogs on occasion. I have sold numerous items on Ebay and have done very well, but they are a bit pricey and shipping costs can add up quick. I will be adding affiliate links and referrals  to my blog since some of them can produce a nice income. I will only use affiliates of products or website that I know and trust or have personally used myself.


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So, at this time I will post this blog and then probably redo, delete, redo again before you actually see the completed version. Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog and please join me on my fumbling journey on my new homestead.  Watch as each blog comes alive with how we live sustainable lives and how to make an income from home.