Blog Building Blues










Blog Building Blues

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I must say I have  blog building blues already and, quite frankly, have been overwhelmed by intimidating details and frustrating blogging mumbo jumbo. Yes, it has been quite frustrating, but I am determined to keep fumbling through and I have excellent help! Websites and experienced bloggers like Sara Titus at and  Abby Lawson at Justagirlandherblog are wonderful help and have very useful information for me to better build my blog. Searching my favorite blog sites has helped give me ideas on themes and over all set up for my blog.

To keep my blog going at this time I am the turtle. Slow and steady but keep pushing onward when I can. I do not want to be the rabbit, set a fast pace, and make mistakes that I have to keep redoing. I have way too much work ahead of me at this time.

Problem number 1: I work part-time as a registered nurse, so I am unable to spend the time I want to build my blog. It looks like weekends and early mornings will be my blog time for now. That is why I am adding affiliates that I trust to my blogs. If they can bring in some added income, then one day, I too may retire!
Problem number 2: We bought a 10 acres property in the Colorado mountains with a home on it that needs ALOT of work. Work meaning new carpet, paint, new deck, new garden are, new greenhouse, new chicken coop..well, you get the idea. But the great thing is, when I begin each of these projects, you will be right there with me completing them, and hopefully, giving me your wonderful ideas.

If you are a beginning blogger and fumbling your way through building your WordPress site, I highly recommend WordPress Beginner. They have a multitude of tutorials and videos to help you along the way to building a better blog. YouTube is another site that is useful for building your blog. There is every video imaginable about website building and starting a blog that you head could spin. You just have to be the turtle like me. Go slow and steady. Read and watch and learn. Then apply your what you learned to your website and blog. The best part is , if you don’t like what you have created, you can always edit, edit, edit!

Stop Negativity:

I have found myself occasionally thinking negative thoughts. “Why am I doing this” I should just start over and try at a later time” ” I don’t have time for this.” I have overcome the negativity and have happily continued on! Blogging is hard work! You have to find the time to write and You have to figure out content that you know well and can discuss with your followers. Number one;, You have to love to write! You have to be honest and sincere with your followers. And yes, you can make an income from blogging, but that shouldn’t be your only reason for starting a blog. Focus on your niche and do not compare your blog site to other bloggers. Find your own groove in the blogging field and make yourself stand out!

Market Yourself

Add your website to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram ect. A wonderful site I discovered is  Within 30 minutes of placing one of my posts on StumbleUpon I had 150 visits to my site. It pays to advertise yourself!

What’s in Store

Our goal with our new property is to be as off grid as possible and learn sustainable living as we fumble through all these overwhelming projects. Solar power is big on our list as well as beekeeping, raising chickens and ducks for eggs and meat, putting up our new greenhouse, and building a garden area that works well with the cold mountain temperatures. I have raised chickens before for eggs and there is simply no comparison with store bought! I knew my eggs were fresh and healthy because I fed my chickens only the best. Now I am on the search for cold hardy chicken breeds and want to add ducks to the flock also. One of my favorite websites is Fresh Eggs Daily . I am also an avid organic gardener and would much rather be playing in the dirt than clothes shopping! That is why I started this blog. I want to share what homesteading is all about with you…I just have to build this Website first! 🙂

As our projects begin, I will start adding photos and asking my followers for much needed advice. If you follow me on Pinterest, you will see all the wonderful creations I love to make and want to make. Some of my favorites include growing organic herbs and making medicinal remedies. I also make my own soaps and candles. My mind is always on overdrive with all the things I hope to create.

So back to my blog building blues. Hopefully I will fit in more time. Can you say 4:00 a.m. blog time! and finally be able to put the finishing touches on the blog posts. With the help of WordPress and Bluehost, soon you will be seeing all my trusted Amazon favorites and affiliate sites that have been tried by me and have passed inspection such as Ebates, Swagbucks, and Ibotta to help save you cash while shopping. I will admit it. Building this blog has been a challenge for me. If you are technologically savvy, then you are probably thinking “What’s so challenging about it”, but if you are a new blogger without a huge amount of computer skills, then you definitely understand my frustrations!

If you also have blog building blues, hang in there! You are not alone. Together we can help each other and continue to be the turtle. Nice and slow. Efficient and accurate. Honest and trustworthy.